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THOMY French mit Tomaten Salatsauce

Enjoy your salad like a rooster in paste! THOMY's beloved classic French Dressing salad dressing with fine mustard has a particularly creamy and aromatic taste. She transforms every vegetable dish into a delicacy!


The best way to taste

Everyone will love your salad! THOMY's French Dressing salad dressing with fine mustard is suitable for all kinds of mixed salads and transforms them into a true French culinary experience!


What's in it

At THOMY, pleasure is anchored in our DNA. That's why we only use carefully selected ingredients for our delicious salad dressings – and have been for over 45 years.


Discover the diversity of THOMY salad dressings

Your salad is already dancing the macarena? For sure she will dance with our delicious salad dressings in the balsamic, Italian and French dressing varieties, partly also in light version or with 0% fat. In addition, the classic variants also exist as refined creations with original ingredients for the little extra on your plate. Thus, each drop of sauce puts punch in your salad and makes your palate jump with joy.


You can buy our salad dressings in durable glass bottles or in practical and lightweight PET bottles. You will find THOMY salad dressings on the usual shelves of stores or in the fresh produce department.


Eau, huile de tournesol, vinaigre de table, vinaigre de vin blanc, MOUTARDE 2.5% (eau, graines de MOUTARDE, vinaigre de table, sel iodé, sucre, épices), jaune d'OEUF 2.4% (OEUFS de poules élevées en plein air), amidon de maïs, sel iodé, ail séché, sucre, condiment (avec BLÉ), exhausteur de goût (glutamate monosodique), extrait de levure, acidifiant (acide citrique), épaississant (gomme xanthane), oignons séchés, fines herbes 0.1% (persil, ciboulette, aneth), épices, arômes (avec CÉLERI).

Informations nutritionnelles

Valeurs nutritives
Énergie 1180 kJ
189 kcal
Matières grasses 15.6 g
- dont acides gras saturés 1.6 g
Glucides 10.3 g
- dont sucres 7.4 g
Fibres alimentaires 0.6 g
Protéines 0.9 g
Sel 0.85 g


Contient : moutarde, œufs, sulfites
Kann enthalten : Sellerie

Plus d'information

Poids / Volume

350 mL

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